Sitio Ciribai is an oceanfront property on the northern coast of Ilhabela, 2 km. south of Jabaquara beach (23º 43’58”Sx45º18’16”W). The land spans 1.3 million m2 (250 m of waterfront property) and currently the houses built amount to 700 m2 of construction. Equipped with a a 30 KVA generator, a 20,000 L fresh water filter reservoir, and 16 45 kg gas tanks, Sitio Ciribai is ready to be inhabited despite its secluded location. Built in 2004, the property is made up of four bungalows and a main house with a spacious kitchen, open living room and dining area, and an infinity pool.

Each bungalow is unique in its design and amenities, featuring private jacuzzis and extended porches with superb views of the natural surroundings. The spacious bedrooms each have a bathroom and kitchenette, ceiling fans, and air conditioning. The master bungalow has a working fireplace, another has a loft layout and private deck ideal for practicing yoga, and three of them have jacuzzis.

The main house sprawls below at 35 m above sea level. Between the main living room and the kitchen is the “soul” of the house–an expansive, open family room with a spiral thatched roof, barbeque area, wood burning pizza oven, and two full bathrooms.

Below this area of the house is a game room with pool and foosball table, a sauna, and a jacuzzi pool for 8; further down toward the water is an expansive fishing deck. On the other side is a laundry room, more stairs leading to the water, and a floating deck perfect for swimming to or docking boats.

If interested, please contact Sitio Ciribai via email at


2 Responses to “About & Contact”

  1. Daniele said

    olá Bernard, sua casa é muito bonita!

  2. Liani Palandi said


    Gostaria de consultar a disponibilidade de vagas e a tarifa para o feriado de carnaval para um grupo misto grande de 10 a 12 pessoas.


    Liani P.

    Enviado via iPhone

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